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Supplying all your home fuel needs. Smokeless fuels, charcoal, restaurant charcoal, kindling wood, kiln dried logs and more.

Kindling wood superpack

Kindling Wood - Superpack

Our premium kindling wood is for use on open fires, stove boiler and barbecues. Ideal to get your fire started.

Ready To Burn

Company Fuel Express Ltd
Cert No. WS340/00004

Restaurant charcoal

Restaurant Charcoal 12Kg

AUTHORIZED FOR USE IN SMOKE CONTROLLED AREAS Restaurant grade charcoal is a variety of sizes of lumpwood charcoal that are always first choice with restaurant kitchens. This charcoal is easy to light with a lengthy cooking time.

Kiln dried logs

Kiln Dried Logs (Bag)

Cheap logs *Even lower price*
RRP (£6.99) A great deal on this great product Our Kiln Dried Logs are ideal for open fires, multi fuel stoves, wood burning stoves and other wood burning appliances.

Ready To Burn

Company Fuel Express Ltd
Cert No. WS340/00001

Bulk Kiln Dried Logs

Cheap Coal News

Tue 27th Apr 2021

New "Ready To Burn" scheme covers burning solid fuels at home

Burning solid fuels in UK Smoke Control Areas is now covered by a new Approvals scheme to help reduce air pollution.

Tue 27th Apr 2021

Ban on traditional House Coal sales in UK

New legislation in the UK customers prevents the sale of traditional House Coal in sealed bags.

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7-Day weather forecast for UK